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All students should take note that as part of measures to improve teaching and learning at Bluecrest College, the Quality Assurance office requires all students to log on to Moodle and fill the faculty assessment forms at the earliest.To indicate the importance of this activity, any student who does not fill the assessment form by Monday December 4,2023 shall have his/her Moodle account blocked.The faculty end of semester assessment is uploaded for all the courses a student has registered for the semester. Students are hereby entreated to complete the assessments in all their respective courses. The assessment is titled,
‘Mid Term/End of Term Feedback Survey of Teaching, Learning & Administration’ on all Moodle course pages.Kindly take note and do the needful to avert any inconveniences.

The purpose of this survey is to obtain the views of students on their experience with regard to teaching, learning and administrative support for this session. The feedback will enable teaching, learning and administrative support for effective and efficient delivery of the course.

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