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All students should take note that as part of measures to improve teaching and learning at Bluecrest College, the Quality Assurance office requires all students to log on to Moodle and fill the faculty assessment forms at the earliest.To indicate the importance of this activity, any student who does not fill the assessment form by Thursday June 1,2023 shall have his/her Moodle account blocked.The faculty end of semester assessment is uploaded for all the courses a student has registered for the semester. Students are hereby entreated to complete the assessments in all their respective courses. The assessment is titled,
‘Mid Term/End of Term Feedback Survey of Lecturers by Student’ on all Moodle course pages.Kindly take note and do the needful to avert any inconveniences.

Collection of Admit Cards for Examinations

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Notice: Collection of Admit Cards for Examinations

Dear Students,

I hope this notice finds you well. As the end of semester exams for this academic semester approach, we would like to inform you about the collection of your admit cards, which are essential for your participation in the exams.

The admit cards for the upcoming examinations are now available for collection at the Student Services Department. It is mandatory for all students to collect their admit cards before the deadline. Please note the following important information:

Admit Card Collection Date: Thursday, 18th May – Friday, 2nd June, 2023. Admit cards will be issued to students on these days only. It is essential that you collect your admit card before this deadline to ensure your eligibility for the examinations.

Payment of Fees: Please ensure that all outstanding fees for the current semester have been settled before collecting your admit card. Admit cards will only be issued to students who have cleared their dues.

Registry Office Operating Hours: Kindly note that the Registry Office will not be able to provide any services, including the collection of admit cards, Friday, 2nd June, 2023. Therefore, it is crucial to collect your admit card within the specified time frame.

We highly advise you to adhere to the given schedule and make the necessary arrangements to collect your admit card on or before the specified date. Failure to collect your admit card on time may result in your ineligibility to sit for the upcoming examinations.

For any queries or concerns regarding the collection of admit cards, please feel free to contact Mr Martin of Student Services Department.

We wish you all the best in your preparations for the upcoming examinations and remind you to approach your studies with diligence and determination.


Spring 2023 End of Semester Examination Notice

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Students are reminded to take note of the following as you prepare towards the SPRING 2023 End of Sem. Examination
1. The end of semester examination shall commence on Saturday June 3, 2023
2. The use of Admit Cards (Examination Chit) shall be implemented just like we did in the mid-semester examination. All students are requested to collect their cards before the examination commences. The Admit cards will be issued only during the Revision week i.e. 29th May – 2nd June, after which all attention will be given to the conduct of the examination. No card will be issued after 2nd June, 2023.

3. Student ID card is the mandatory ID to be used during the exams. Students without ID will not be allowed access to the exams rooms.

4.  Students must pay their fees in full before they will be issued with the admit card.

5. Students are required to fully read the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of exams as spelt out in the student handbook

Thank you

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