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    by BlueCrest College -

    As we gear towards the end of the Spring 2022 session we entreat you to take note of the following timelines and notices as they would apply fully in regards to the end of semester examination.
    1. The end of semester examination shall commence on Saturday June 4, 2022.
    2. The use of Admit Cards (Examination Chit) shall be implemented just like we did in the mid semester examination. Hence we entreat all students to possess one before the examination commences. The Admit cards will be issued only during the Revision week i.e. 30th May - 3rd June, after which all attention will be given to the conduct of the examination. We hereby entreat all students to pick up their admit cards before the deadline stated.
    3. With regards to fees, we entreat all students to make frantic efforts to pay ALL their fees before the revision week. We do not assure students of getting undertaken forms, but even if there may be any, the forms will be given to only students who have paid at least 90% of their fees.We hope that you would treat these notices with the much needed attention it deserves.

    Thank you


    by BlueCrest College -

    The Academic Board of Bluecrest College has resolved that all examinations must be conducted in person on campus effective Spring 2022. 

    In view of this, the upcoming end of semester exams in June 2022  will be conducted in person.

    We entreat student workers to apply for their leaves from their employers to appear in-person for the exams. You can peruse the Abridged academic calendar that has been shared with you to help in picking the dates.Students outside the country must note that all Covid 19 travel restrictions have been lifted hence they must report back to Campus to write the exams. 

    Students with exceptional cases must apply to the Dean of Academics ( at least three weeks before the start of the exams. 

    Kindly take note that you must be prepared to provide evidence and also have an interview session with the Dean of Academic to verify your claim.For clarification, revert to the office of the Registrar.

    Thank you.


    by BlueCrest College -


    Dear Fresh Student,This is to notify you of the 23rd Matriculation Ceremony on campus. 

    All Freshers are hereby invited and should be early for the event. Kindly find the details below:

    DATE     :    Friday, 8th April 2022
    VENUE  :    Bluecrest College Auditorium
    TIME      :    9:30am – 11:30am

    All freshers should note that it is obligatory for every student enrolled in BlueCrest University College for the first time to go through the rites of Matriculation. 

    All freshers are entreated to sign the matriculation register at the entrance of the auditorium.

    We wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the 8th!

    Thank you.

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