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I am a Student, What is my username? If you are a Fresh Student (Semester 1), your username is your BlueCrest Official Email ID eg. (  or 

If you are a continuing student that is, from semester 2 to semester 8, your username is your Student Roll number or ID eg. (300111111111  or  30sfd11111111)

What is my password? If you are a student, your password is "Moodle@123" by default

I am a faculty Member, What is my login details? If you are a faculty member, your username is your valid BCC email eg. (   or The password for all faculty members are automatically sent to your emails. You would be required to login and change your password

NEW - Login using Google 

Now you can use your BlueCrest email to login into Moodle. You'll simply need to click on "Login with Google" button. If you were already logged into your email, you'll be logged directory into Moodle. Otherwise, you'll just need to enter your college email address and your student password.

For any Difficulty in logging in, kindly  send email to:


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