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Rules & Regulations For All Examinations

Rules & Regulations For All Examinations

by BlueCrest College -
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The following rules and regulations govern the conduct of all examinations in the college. It is the duty of all concerned to acquaint themselves with them.


(a)    It is the responsibility of a candidate to find the examination hall well in advance and to be seated at least    15 minutes before the commencement of any examinations.

(b)    It is the responsibility of the candidate to check the seating arrangement placed on the notice board/Examination Hall and sit as per the plan.

(c)     Candidate will not be allowed inside the examination hall after 30 minutes of the commencement of exam.

(d)    Candidate must carry their Admit Card and Student ID card. In case a candidate is unable to produce a hall ticket where one has already been issued, he/she can apply for a new one which attracts a penalty of GHc 20

(e)    Candidate is required to use his/her student registration number throughout the examination only on the front page of the answer booklet and question paper. Under no circumstances must a candidate name be written on any other part of the answer booklet or supplementary sheet given to the candidate.

(f)      Candidate is not allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason except nature’s call. Candidate should fill the log book before leaving the examination hall and should be accompanied by the floor supervisor in return.

(g)    Candidate should bring their own stationery (pens, pencils, calculators etc.) to the examination hall.  .

heart    No books, prepared notes or any other foreign material are to be taken to the examination hall.

(i)      There should be no communication whatsoever between candidates during the examination. A candidate may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising a hand.

(j)      No Mobile phone, radio, programmable calculator or any other communication equipment or media are to be taken to the examination hall. Failure to comply may lead to the confiscation of the gadget.

(k)    No baggage is allowed inside the examination hall, keeping baggage in staff rooms, security office, security checkpoints, Library, bookstores and any other places inside college premises is highly restricted. College is not responsible for any loss, Damage or theft.

(l)      Any irregular conduct on the part of a candidate such as copying from another candidate or from prepared notes may result in the cancellation of his/her examination paper and or more severe penalty.

(m)  Candidate should not remove from the examination room any unused material (eg. answer booklet or part thereof, supplementary answers sheets, drawing paper) supplied for examination. Unused/supplementary sheets should be cancelled with a pen.

No    A candidate who finishes examination ahead of time may leave the examination room after submitting his/her answer booklet. Such candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination hall only after 45 minutes of the start of the exam.

(o)    A breach of any of the foregoing regulations made for the conduct of examinations may attract one or more of the following sanctions;

            (i) Reprimand, (ii) Loss of marks, (iii) Cancellation of marks, (iv) Withholding of results

(p)    In addition to, grade Z shall be awarded whenever it is established that a candidate gained an unfair advantage in an examination. Further sanctions may include;

            (i) Being barred from examinations, (ii) Suspension from the college, (iii) Expulsion from the college