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This course is a non-credit course that aims at getting students started with the process of career planning and development. The procedure entails careful self-evaluation, career exploration, planning, and implementation of practical employment strategies. The course's guiding principle is that career development is a continuous process, methodical, and geared toward having a fulfilling work life as a component of an overall personal development strategy. This ongoing process should be challenging, fascinating, and enjoyable to participate in. By anticipating and acquiring the necessary skill sets, courses, and experiences for an entry-level job of choice, taking advantage of the options in this course will facilitate smooth transition from student to professional employee and provide a more direct path to long-term career goals.

By the end of this course student will be able to:

1. Explore personal interests, values, and abilities.

2. Develop the abilities and traits that will facilitate success in the workplace.

3. Interact with working professionals in various professions, while being introduced to a variety of career options with firsthand information about what a real career in a particular field is like on a daily basis.

3.  Plan academic, extracurricular, career, and entire life carefully.

Skill Level: Beginner